“Arillo” handmade leather strap


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About the strap

Mario Arillo was an Italian Navy commander in charge of the submarine Ambra in 1942, and he carried out multiple successful assaults during WWII. The Ambra was modified to carry three SLCs, the famous underwater manned-torpedoes. Frogman commandos would use their Panerai watches to time their escape from the blast radius.   After the war, Giuseppe Panerai himself presented a 6152/1 with a dark brown leather strap and GPF buckle to Mario Arillo. The Arillo strap is a modern handmade tribute to the strap on the original Mario Arillo 6152/1.
Colour: Brown
Triple fold = 4-5mm long side, 5-6mm short side
OEM = 4-5mm
Open ended with screw rivets = 4-5mm
Stitching: Black waxed thread
Keepers: 1 fixed / 1 floating (1 fixed and 2 floating keepers on lengths above 150/95 )
Dispatch time: max. 5 working days

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Sewn in buckles are upgraded now to custom made 3mm thick, please see last listing pictures for available buckles.