About DC straps

I started making watch straps in 2013. I have always been fascinated by Panerai and its history. May it be controversial for some, for me it is amazing how this company managed to make horological history and created the most beautiful timepieces ever made.

My straps represent what I think a true vintage strap should be: best quality leather combined with traditional techniques, all 100% handmade and hand stitched using saddle stitch.

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The Tuscan leather that DC Straps uses smells fantastic, which is usually the case when the leather comes from a good tannery. These are spectacular watch straps and would look great on your Panerai.
– Panerai Source

Trustworthy seller

I started making leather watch straps more than 7 years ago and have been an Ebay seller with 100% positive feedback since then.

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