“L 74” handmade leather strap


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About the strap

In one of the Panerai catalogues, you can see a photo of a vintage 6152 Angelus Panerai with a vintage strap that had the number “74” marked on it. One legend of the number’s origin suggests that it was the number given to one of the Black Seal operatives who wore the watch during underwater SLC (Pig SUB) missions. Another less heroic story is that the Panerai Museum in Florence marked an exhibit number on the very watch strap you see photographed in the catalogue. There is another watch exhibited with a number forty-one on the strap as well.
Colour: Vintage tan
Triple fold = 5mm long side, 5-7mm short side
OEM = 5mm
Keepers: 1 fixed / 1 floating (3 keepers for lengths above 150/90)
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